Heartseed Handmade

I have an instagram for my embroidery work called Heartseed Handmade. Here is a selection of pieces that I staged and took photos of.

Energy Savings

Energy Savings Graphics

Ruby Tuesday created a new energy savings initiative called Fire Up, Fire Down that specifies to each 700+ restaurants when to turn on and off cooking equipment and lights. In order to drum up awareness and excitement with the field, we created a small web graphic to be uploaded on

Lil Jumpin Beans

Ruby Tuesday owns a Mexican grill restaurant concept called Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. For Lime's training materials I created little  jumping bean characters. They fit well with the brand so when it came time to pitch merchandising, the idea was brought up to use the beans as

Mostly True Book Design

Mostly True

As an exercise for UTK's Typography Class, we were asked to gather our own content in order to practice laying out a book. At the time, I was so overwhelmed by the experiences of moving to Knoxville that I decided to write them down and use