Energy Savings Graphics

Ruby Tuesday created a new energy savings initiative called Fire Up, Fire Down that specifies to each 700+ restaurants when to turn on and off cooking equipment and lights. In order to drum up awareness and excitement with the field, we created a small web graphic to be uploaded on our internal site that would show our locations’ total energy savings with an ultimate goal of $2,000,000 at the end of the fiscal year.

Using our costs from last year, our current costs, and a conversion tool found on EPA website we posted every month for a fiscal year our monthly accumulated savings. We had great success with the initiative and ended-up surpassing our goal.

These are the monthly web graphics I created for the initiative. Each month had two graphics. The top graphic, not shown here, would show our teams savings, pictorially represented by a growing tree that would get bigger every month we “grew” closer. The bottom, smaller graphic would show a tangible equivalent of our decreased carbon footprint. A few of them are shown here.


Illustration, Web