Fieldstone Bakery Product Catalog

After giving the Fieldstone Bakery brand a refresh in 2018 alongside the brilliant team at McKee, it was time to start applying the new colors and fonts to market-ready material. This product catalog features bright and bold colors and graphic elements developed during the brand

Wedding Signage

Wedding Signage

When the bride decided that she didn't want the paper waste of pamphlets for the ceremony program, we brainstormed on what could be done instead. Together we decided on elegant, engraved wood signage that would taper down the outdoor aisle to the ceremony. Smaller signs

Little Debbie Print Ad Design

Little Debbie Print Ads

Through Riverworks's ongoing relationship with the McKee Food Co., I've had the opportunity to design ads for Little Debbie Snacks. Here are a few campaigns that ran between 2015-2019. Some product photos were staged at Riverworks by myself and shot by photographer Steven Stiefel.

Fieldstone Print Ads

Fieldstone Bakery Print Ads

Developed by McKee Foods Corporation (the makers of Little Debbie and Sunbelt Bakery products), Fieldstone Bakery offers hometown bakery snacks for a good value. Their products target school cafeterias, healthcare facility meal programs, and dining halls in businesses. On several occasions, I've had the opportunity to

Mostly True Book Design

Mostly True

As an exercise for UTK's Typography Class, we were asked to gather our own content in order to practice laying out a book. At the time, I was so overwhelmed by the experiences of moving to Knoxville that I decided to write them down and use